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You may not realize it yet, but most Weddings require a diverse selection of music, which in turn requires a Musician with a different forte` for each selection needed.

For example, at the ceremony you might prefer Music with a Classical style. During the cocktail hour you’ll need light Jazz and Easy Listening.

And then there’s the reception!

If you’re like most people you’re at a loss as to what you need or want in a Band for the reception. Some people don’t want a typical “Wedding Band”, whatever that means. Some want a Band that is diverse enough to play a wide variety of music styles for all ages. The truth is there is no right or wrong. What is important is that only you can identify what kind of atmosphere you want at your wedding.

That’s where I believe we have been the most help for people. We have developed a system where we help you identify what it is you want for your reception. Whether it’s a Party Band like the Del’s Groove, or a jazz combo or soloists for the ceremony, we will not only help you determine what you’re looking for, but also provide the Band, or Musician. Think about it: with one phone call you can have access to Musicians for your Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception -- One Stop Shopping for all Your Musical Needs!!!

They say that there are only two things that can ruin a wedding: Bad Food or Bad Music. Well, we can’t do anything about the food, but I know we can take care of your Musical needs so that you can be assured of a classy, elegant, fun and well organized Musical Day.


Musically yours,
Emanuel DelPizzo

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Wedding Band

Del's Groove

One of the most popular and versatile wedding and party bands in the Philadelphia and tri-state area.

Learn more about the band, browse some of their favorite set lists and listen to their music.


Ceremony Music/Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Del's Duos

Don't need a full band?

Del's Groove LLC can put together affordable alternatives - soloists, duos, combos - whatever your taste and budget dictates. Listen to some samples from our talented musicians


Petie and Tony

For another refreshing alternative to a full band, why not consider the popular duo of Petie & Tony!



Our band and musicians have perfromed at a wide variety of venues over the years. Visit our Venues page to learn more about some of these fabulous locations!